…that doesn’t mean I snub my nose as anyone else looking to buy something other than a high end home or a historic home. I have niches so I can know extreme information about those areas or types of home, but it doesn’t mean I am not knowledgeable about the rest of the Minneapolis market.

I have had a few people ask me if I can handle them. When I ask them what they mean, I often hear that they are first time home buyers, new to the area, or in a lower price bracket. My reply is always “most definitely“. I have worked with numerous buyers and sellers, and when I lived in Florida, my specialty was military buyers. That experience gave me in depth knowledge of VA loans. Here in Minnesota, there are not too many servicemen looking to take advantage of their Veteran benefits. So I have had to change my way of doing business.

Now I have niches. Many real estate agents don’t take the time to develop market knowledge on specific niches. Instead, they are “all things to all people”. I find that very difficult because there is no way an agent in the Twin Cities can know it all. For instance, I don’t sell anything north of the Twin Cities, like in Anoka County. If someone came to me from that area, I would refer them to a more local agent. It’s not fair to the client to take on something you know nothing about. But many agents refuse to let go of the business because they are desperate for business, and the person hurt by that is the seller or buyer.

So if you wonder if I can handle your special circumstances, please don’t worry. While I specialize in historic homes and luxury properties, I work all price brackets because what matters most to me is helping the client.

The home pictured above is my listing in St. Paul. It is priced at $124,900 and is a beautiful home. If you would like to view it online, please visit www.559ForestStreet.com.

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