In Monopoly, the card has the word “free” in it, but the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation will only give you one chance to get out of “jail”, but it will cost you a few bucks. What am I talking about? Well, I know first hand what happens to you if you visit a local Minneapolis park and park your car in the wrong spot.

A couple months ago I took my sons to Lake Harriet and was so distracted by the beauty of the day that I supposedly parked in a permit only spot. Oops!

Upon reading my lovely ticket secured under my windshield wiper, I found out my “oops” was going to cost me $35, (In San Diego, not curbing your tires on a hill could cost you $60, so I was happy with the low cost here in Minneapolis). Luckily, upon reading further, if it is your first offense, you can instead send in $27 dollars to the Minneapolis Parks and Rec and receive a 1 year permit to park in designated spots across the city.

I took the $27 option. So for the next year, I can get some front row parking, which it pretty good when you have two small children. Just remember that if it happens to you, they only give you seven days to get the lower fee in, or else you must pay the $35 fee AND get no parking permit.

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